Alex Reyes

Music Instructor

Taking up interest in music during his early teen years, Alex was fascinated by guitar heroes of classic rock, and knew the guitar would be his key to journey into music. Starting off with a black fender squire guitar, Alex immersed himself in bands such as, Rainbow, Deep PurpleIron Maiden, Ozzy, and Yngwie Malmsteen. It was his admiration for those guitar players that made Alex want to study classical music. After having learned the best he could from the internet about rock guitar, Alex enrolled in a classical guitar class at the local community college to further his technique. He was one of the few students to pass all 4 levels and develop a love for baroque music and it’s composers, Bach and Vivaldi. Alex decided to pursue music as his career. He soon enrolled and got admitted to Musicians Institute guitar degree program and moved to the big city of Los Angeles. He studied with some of the top players in L.A. and learned what it takes to perform and master the guitar. Alex soon found himself performing around clubs in L.A. while at the same time teaching guitar lessons.  Being heavily influence by rock and classical music, he now combines the two to play neoclassical metal,  but also enjoys playing some Blues music. Alex is now exploring the audio engineering side of music and is attending Berklee Online where he is working on his BA in Music Production.